We made it past the 400k mark and are on our way to the 500k goal! Great job everyone!


This is living concept art, not our real planned SpaceVenture game. The real game will not require a web browser. You will also be able to install it directly on your platform.

Living Concept Art Web Browser Support:


  • Plays great in Safari, but at this time, does not have sound.


  • Plays in Firefox, but at this time, does not have sound.


  • Chrome Web Store
  • We also have a  hosted server without the web store if you’d prefer
  • Visit the website address in Safari and follow instructions
  • No sound or particle effects at this time
  • To use actions, hold finger until icons appear, then tap to activate action

Here is some things to note about this new playable sketch:

  1. New death sequence, can ya find it?
  2. Fun new mechanic involving Cluck has been added
  3. New sound effects and music added involving the new mechanic
  4. New particle effects added by the waterfall (streaming water + steam)

To play the game in the Chrome Web Store, click here (Be sure to log into the store first)

All other browsers (including iPad), go here.