Hey everyone! This page contains screenshots I did back in 2006. The screenshots are basically every single thing you have to type or click to get through each of the Space Quest games(except for SQ6). Unfortunately I never got around to doing this for SQ6. Maybe one of these days that will happen. On this page you can download the .zip files for each game. Unzip, and click through each of the entire game images. Use the screenshots to remember how to beat certain parts of the games or just to take walk down memory lane!

I also created these for almost all of the Kings Quest Games, Freddy Pharkas, Willie Beamish, Torins Passage, and Gold Rush. I had originally planned to do it for the Police Quest series as well, but life got busy again at that time and I never sat down to do them again. Maybe I’ll post the others someday. The screenshots I did for the Leisure Suit Larry series can be found on Al Lowe’s website. Click here to see those

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did capturing them 🙂

Chris Pope

Your humble local inter-galactic SpacePope

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SQ1 Title Screen
Space Quest 1 Screenshot Walkthrough  (.zip file download)

SQ2 Title Screen

Space Quest 2 Screenshot Walkthrough (.zip file download)

SQ3 Title Screen

Space Quest 3 Screenshot Walkthrough (.zip file download)

SQ4 Title Screen

Space Quest 4 Screenshot Walkthrough (.zip file download)

SQ5 Title Screen

Space Quest 5 Screenshot Walkthrough (.zip file download)