Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and The Time Rippers first shipped in March of 1991, and was nominated for a second consecutive SPA Best Adventure award. In December of 1992 a CD-based version with full voice casting and recording was done. The Narrator was the legendary Gary Owens of Laugh In fame, too many voice-over jobs and commercials (over 30,000) to count, as well as voice work on cartoons like Roger Ramjet and Space Ghost, just to name a couple. When writing narrator lines, Guy From Andromeda, Scott Murphy always imagined Gary speaking the lines he wrote. When Gary was signed to lend his talent to Space Quest it was a dream come true. Really, check Gary Owens’ credits listed on the internet. They’re massive.

So, here you are once again as Roger Wilco. You’re a little older. I’m not prepared to say wiser as that remains to be seen. When we first see you at the start Space Quest IV you’re in a sebaceously cheesy dive on some forsaken planetoid bragging about your adventures and how you allegedly saved some guys who make games to whoever will listen and buy.

Suddenly someone shows up looking for you. They’re the Sequel Police and they drag your butt outside to talk to you. Then you talk to an old acquaintance, one you thought was long gone, but there’s more. You meet someone who doesn’t yet exist. You end up in post-apocalyptic Xenon, your home planet. Looking up at the title bar you see you’re now in Space Quest XII.

Well, clearly, you’ve got a lot of adventuring to do. Good luck with that! Oh, and one more thing; you have another chicken to deal with. I’m not EVEN going to get into the rest. (Yikes!)