Space Quest III, the third of the series was released in March of 1989. You once again assume the character of Roger Wilco.

As the opening titles end we see a small and lonely escape pod floating aimlessly through the darkness of space. After drifting a bit more it’s apparent that the escape pod has captured the attention of someone, or something. An automated garbage freighter matches the escape pod’s course and tractor-beams it aboard. Once it’s disappeared inside the belly of the freighter we see a close-up of a familiar face lying inside a glass covered chamber, eyes closed and oblivious to recent events. We see Roger awaken, wondering where he could possibly be. Running on electric fumes the little pod opens the glass cover and Roger climbs out. The back hatch opens and Roger jumps down to assess his latest situation. Finally out of power, the escape pod hatch closes and goes dark inside.

Now, you as Roger must get to business of adventuring. As you do, you notice some background music unlike any you may have heard in previous games since the game engine supports MIDI sound, supplied by Supertramp drummer Bob Siebenberg, a complete soundtrack, sound effects and even a digitized voice when Roger awakes. (If you were fortunate enough to have a Roland MT-32 or even one of the great SoundBlaster cards of that time you know how incredibly great it sounded.)

Back to you as Roger, you have the inside of a garbage freighter to explore. Where are you, is anyone else here and how do you get out? Some interesting sights await you. You have to see what you can come up with to make an escape and be flying again. You’ve got A LOT to do! Two very important Guys need your help. You’ll be doing some travelling to make that happen, and who knows, maybe even find a new job. There’s also a very special chicken in need of control. Have I said too much?

Space Quest III: the Pirates of Pestulon won the Software Publisher’s Association for the Best Fantasy Role Playing / Adventure Program for 1989, along with several other fan voted awards.