To play prototype it is best to listen to this audio clip first.


Once you have finished listening to the audio clip, please read the following.


The prototype is running in the Google Chrome store so that we can produce these prototypes quickly. The actual game that we are planning to make will not require Google Chrome in any way shape or form. We said this in the audio, but just in case you cheated and didn’t listen to it, we thought it best to make sure you understand this. No game engine has been confirmed on what our real game will use. We are still researching and decided on all that.

Thanks everyone for your support! Now, how about that Prototype! If you have read this, and understand that you will need Chrome to play the demo, then do the following. While in Chrome web browser, click here and install Prototype 2. Wait for it to download and it should pop up in your browser. To go full screen, hit F11.

Thanks everyone! Be sure to listen to the closing thoughts once the prototype ends!

Don’t forget!

  • There are three deaths, collect them all! 😉
  • Use right clicks to change icons
  • Look and touch everything! Except that, jeeze.. what were you thinking.

Stay tuned for more!