We made it past the 300k mark, way to go everyone!

Well I hope everyone knows we’ve made a major press push to try and make up for some lost time over the previous couple of weeks.  So in saying that, Phase 3 doesn’t include as drastic of changes as Phase 2, but we think you’ll enjoy the following things:

You guys have made it very clear you’d like to see our playable concepts in different browsers. You have also made it clear you didn’t want to have to create an account for any service in order to play them. So that is where alot of the time on Phase 3 was focused.

Web Browser Support:


  • Plays great in Safari, but at this time, does not have sound.
  • You can play Phase 3 in Safari


  • Plays in Firefox, but at this time, does not have sound.
  • Animations are a bit slower at this time
  • Performance has not yet been optimized, but this will improve


  • Chrome Web Store
  • We’ve also added a new loading feature to allow it to play on a hosted server without the web store if you’d prefer.
  • Connect with iPad Safari and follow instructions
  • No sound at this time
  • To use actions, hold finger on screen and drag finger to the proper action icon

Here is some things to note about this new playable sketch:

  1. Fun little nostalgic intro surprise
  2. Background music added (this was added to the second version of Phase 2 as well by the way)
  3. One of the “Two Guys” is animated
  4. New piece of artwork and small puzzle added
  5. No new deaths added, but wait until you see Phase 4!

To play the game in the Chrome Web Store, click here

All other browsers (including iPad), go here.