Hey Everyone, Chris Pope here. I’m normally piping in to give word of SpaceVenture, but this time I wanted to speak out about what the Coles are up to. You may or may not already be aware of the fact that Lori and Corey Cole(Creators of the Quest for Glory Series) are creating a brand new game, but they need your help. Their project, “Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is live on Kickstarter now, and is getting close to being funded, but it is still a ways off. It’s crunch time, and just like we needed your help for SpaceVenture, they need your help for Hero-U! It would make our day to see another of the Sierra alumni get their project funded. I have spoken with Lori and Corey on multiple occasions and I can vouch that they really seem to have a handle on things and I know that adventure gaming fans are in for a real treat, but the only way that can happen, is if they get funded. To help you understand why you should pledge for their Kickstarter, I have created a small list of reasons.

  1. Because, come on, we all know mortgage payments can be 30 days late before hitting your credit! What are you waiting for!?
  2. Because you have years before little Johnny or Sally are old enough to need a college fund!
  3. Because why do you need to hold on to all that money anyway? We all know the world is gonna come to an end in 2012, I mean 2013, I mean 2014.. aw screw it,  it continuously changes to later years as time goes on!
  4. Because you know that high paying computer job you got is due from the fact that you got interested in computers because of adventure games, don’t lie!
  5. Because you know the perfect Christmas present for your spouse is gonna be a print out showing how much you care for them by means of a Kickstarter pledge amount in his/her name! Your spouse will say: “Oh honey, you’re my Hero, it’s just what I wanted, come and kiss me you sexy thing you!”
  6. Because you can always buy things back from pawn shops after the Kickstarter is funded!
  7. Because you know you can live off of Ramen Noodles for a few months. Come on, it will make you feel young, just like you’re back in college again!
  8. Because pledging automatically makes you one of the “cool kids”. +5 to cool! Yep, that’s right, didn’t you know it’s cool to be geeky now?
  9. Because the opposite sex will easily fall in love with you, considering your giving nature and all. Feel free to use the pickup line “Hey baby, you ever dated someone that helped fund an entire university of heroes?”
  10. Because remember that time you said you were sick and skipped school to play an adventure game? Well imma call yo momma if you don’t pledge! I’ll do it!!

So there you have it folks, 10 reasons why you need to do the right thing, pledge to Lori and Corey’s Kickstarter!


Chris Pope(a.k.a the SpacePope)

Corey Cole, Lori Cole, and Chris Pope at SDCC 2012

Corey Cole, Lori Cole, and Chris Pope at SDCC 2012