Okay, here’s the deal, humans.


(Enjoy a brief message from Mark and Scott)

Hey there, Classic Adventure Gaming fans as well as those relatively new to our worlds. Congratulations on being, er… special enough to find yourself here. We happily welcome you to our official Two Guys website. Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, aka The Two Guys from Andromeda, are back together. No, your optic orbs have not been on a bender. You read correctly. After a brief 25+ year hiatus we (Mark and Scott) have joined forces once again and are tooling-up to bring you a new Space Adventure, or SPACEVENTURE, if you will.

A little older, a little wider (well, at least Mark) and a bit more demented than ever (a toss-up there), we’re both ludicrously psyched to be working together again. Combine that with what literally seems like years of pent-up intergalactic pressurized cabin fever to go with it and we have some real, stuff to share, incorporating that same style of comedy, wonder and excellence you expect from a Two Guys adventure. We have a LOT we need to get off our corrugated calcium chests and out of our titanium-baffled brain pouches.

Here’s what makes it happen.

Our philosophy was originally to make games that we would like to play and that, ultimately, you would as well. We aren’t straying from what has been a successful formula. We’re back to make more while also incorporating what we’ve learned from you via comments made from the days of snail-mail and moving to email and social media. It’s been interesting to learn what you’ve found fun, funny and/or annoying, and what games you’ve favored. Clearly, not everyone has well rated taste but we can work around that.

The way games are made and gotten into a player’s home has changed greatly, and you have never stopped talking about the adventure game genre and how much you’ve missed it. We are adapting to the changes, taking advantage of them and charting our own course through space and looking forward to finding that new game smell.

We have fan encouragement, you loyal fans who have kept the legacy of our work alive. We appreciate the many fan sites, fan games and stories, game homages and remakes, but probably the best part of the past has been directly related to some very enjoyable, interesting and inspiring email. Thank you for sharing your stories with us about what the games meant to you from whether you enjoyed them (or not) and which puzzle(s) made you mad, to who you used to play them with.




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Our thanks to all, and please


Scott Murphy       Mark Crowe