Many of you faithful backers, and perhaps many more would-be backers still sitting on the fence, want to know more details about THE GAME we are currently brainstorming. Well, THAT is precisely where we’re at, in the brainstorming stage – that exciting time where all notions are cast up into a beautiful, fluid nebula of ideas that begin coalescing into concepts for a story, a hero, a villain, characters, worlds and gameplay – quite literally the birth of a new universe.
Worlds are forming and beings will evolve as the story develops. So why aren’t we releasing any details yet? Well, because the details are still very fluid in this early design phase. And, frankly, this is what part of the Kickstarter funds are for… to fund the design of the game. The script, if you will.

We have a virtual idea board that we’ve plastered with every sci-fi reference, gag, characters, crazy death, and puzzle ideas that we can throw at it. But most importantly, is the story. Story is King! Without a good narrative thread you’ve got NOTHING. So we’re also in the process of coming up with a compelling tale to stitch together all those milk-out-the-nose moments we want you to experience in our game. You could say we are in the pre-pre-production phase.
So, what can you expect to experience in our new game? Here are Gir Draxon’s latest predictions:
  • A new (and unlikely) Space Hero will emerge from a lowly station but with a unique skill set. Possibly a female protagonist.
  • It will not feature a certain space janitor or other SQ characters
  • The Two Guys (Scott and Mark) will be present as in-game characters
  • A new Space Fowl character will definitely be making a prominent debut
  • You will navigate your own spacecraft through the SpaceVenture galaxy.
  • You will engage in hilarious space dogfight sequences.
  • No recent sci-fi/fantasy related movie, series or video game is safe from our parody scope. We’re looking at you Avatar, Firefly, and Halo.
  • The game will play, look, sound and feel every bit like it was cut from the same cloth as our previous creations, ONLY MUCH BETTER in very way! We’ve learned a thing or two and tech has improved a little since the 90s.