Hello Adventure Gamers-
I can’t tell you how exciting it’s been for Scott and I to see all the boards lighting with an overwhelmingly positive response to the news of our SpaceVenture. Please keep spreading the word and as we’ve said Stay Tuned for some even more exciting Two Guys announcements in the very near near future. I can tell you things are happening behind the scenes at a fever pitch right now and we apologize in advance if we’re delayed in responding to everyone’s inquiries.

We are getting a flood of resumes in response to our posted job positions on the site. Please know we are reviewing them all and will be in contact at the appropriate time.

Regarding our announcement video, Scott and I are currently working together from opposite ends of our virtual space port headquarters (on opposite coasts). Ah… the wonders of modern earth technology. But we took what we thought would be a novel and bizarrely humorous approach to putting together our video using animated still images. We hope everyone got the joke and enjoyed it. We promise you’ll be seeing plenty of the Real Scott and Mark live in the very near future.