Fans on SpaceQuest.Net have been working together to produce clean poster-sized versions of the various Space Quest boxes, and we are making them available as they are released.

They need your help, though! Clean, high-resolution scans of boxes from Space Quests 4, 5, and 6 are needed to finish the set. For more information, check out the thread on

Special thanks to Happy Cock Head, Doberman369, Tomimt, e1ven, and Neolycan for providing these.

Space Quest I
Black box:
SQ1 Black Box poster options

Second design:
SQ1 poster options

Space Quest II
SQ2 poster options

Space Quest III
SQ3 poster options

Space Quest IV
SQ4 poster options

Please note the box artwork is property of Activision as they reserve all rights to the Space Quest content.