Guys From Andromeda LLC partner Chris Pope will be at San Diego Comicon from Wednesday July 11 – July 16th 2012! He will be at various places throughout the convention. But best part, he’s carrying around official SpaceVenture keycards (we’ll post a picture soon). Meet up with Chris anywhere in the convention, ask for one of these, and it’s all yours!


Chris will also be speaking at a panel on Saturday July 14th . Click here to view the official Comicon post or see below.

Room 7AB – Saturday July 14th


“Oded Sharon (developer for Leisure Suit Larry), Chris Jones (Tex Murphy), Chris Pope (Two Guys from Andromeda: SpaceVenture), Jordan Weisman (Shadowrun), and Chris Avellone (Wasteland 2) discuss the new development model in gaming: Kickstarter! Join them as they discuss the ins-and-outs of the process, challenges, and lessons learned in creating a new generation of games for gamers through the Kickstarter model. Strategies, fan input, and advice for other projects are all on the table-learn firsthand what you can do to get your dream project funded!”

The easiest way to meet up with Chris is to follow the official Guys From Andromeda Twitter account along with Chris’s Twitter account.


Chris will be posting his location and experiences on Twitter and Facebook, but the really good stuff will go in his team member SpaceVenture backers diary. $30 and up SpaceVenture backers get access to non-spoiler related digital diary content from all SpaceVenture team members. Visit our stretch goals page and see details on how you can get access to this!