Twinkie Nose Tuesdays


Starts now and ends on Tuesday April 24 at 11:59pm

OK Gang… here’s your chance to become an honorary Andromedan. Just enter our Twinkie Nose Tuesdays photo contest by submitting a photo of you sporting a GFA sniffer and impress us with your wild creativity and originality. Don’t be afraid to utilize your favorite paint program skills with this one. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

All you have to do is follow the instructions for creating your very own “Sniffer” using the link on your left, or here, follow the contest rules, and you could be the envy of all in your galaxy!

Twinkie Nose Tuesday’s Contest Details:

1. Some contests may require a non-edited photo, some may not. Some may allow photo editing software, some may not. Always check this weeks contest rules to find out what is allowed or not!

2. We encourage you to make it funny! We don’t encourage you to make it violent or dirty in some way.

3. The two guys themselves will be taking part in the judgement, know your judges!

4. There are two ways to enter the contest. By Facebook or by Twitter. Don’t have an account? Create one, it’s free!

5. VERY IMPORTANT: We want as many people to play as possible, so we need you to share!


A) Tweet this out before you tweet out your photo “I’m entering the @AndromedaGuys Twinkie Nose Tuesday contest this week at


B) For facebook, post on your wall “I’m entering the Twinkie Nost Tuesday contest this week at”

6. Once you have completed step 5, for twitter folks, you now must Tweet out your Twinkie photo being sure to add the name “@AndromedaGuys” and add the hastag “#twinkietuesday”

EXAMPLE: “My #twinkietuesday entry for the @Andromedaguys contest”
For Facebook submissions after following number 5, simply post your picture to the official Guys From Andromeda Facebook page.

7. Although you are allowed to re-submit a picture of a previous week, this will diminish your chances of winning, so we encourage you to make a new one! Might consider using a fresh Twinkie.

8. For our buddies that don’t have access to the wonderful creme filled tasty cakes that are Twinkies.. The alternative for you is.. well.. Try and fool us, get crafty! Don’t just take a toilet paper tube and paint it yellow. You gotta fool us into thinking it’s a real Twinkie, thats all.. it’s that simple. 😉

9. By entering the contest you agree to allow Guys From Andromeda LLC to do as they will with your photo, including a paid subscription site for the more explicit ones.. muhaha! Ok, maybe not that, but you get the picture!(pun intended)

The prizes could be different from week to week, but we do guarantee the following. By winning, you will be inducted into the Twinkie Nose Tuesday Wall of Fame… oh and these photos will be included as content in our up and coming game. Yeah, you read that right!


  • Twinkie Nose Wall of Fame
  • Ask any question to Scott and Mark and they will record an audio response addressing you by name and.. hopefully answering your question.(This will end up on one of the next podcasts as well 😉