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The Ace Hardway collectible card is the first of a set. The cards are standard baseball card size. 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. In creating these cards, we have teamed up with web comic/artist Len Paralta(Geek of the Week card fame). This card was created with direction of Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy and Chris Pope. Scott Murphy did the writing. We plan to release a card for each character in SpaceVenture. Get yours while supplies last!
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The Cluck Y'egger pilot wings are custom designed by Mark Crowe. They can easily be detached from the artwork and pinned to your shirt. Guaranteed to make that special geek girl / geek guy in your life go crazy with envy. WARNING: If there is even the small spark of chemistry with that special someone, this could put him/her over the edge with lust. Be sure to only wear with clothing on!
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Didn't get to back SpaceVenture in order to reserve a copy for yourself? Perhaps you want to purchase SpaceVenture for multiple platforms? Well now is your chance! By pre-purchasing SpaceVenture from our store, we guarantee you'll get access to the platforms of your choice. Choose from a PC, Mac, Linux, IPad, or Android tablet edition of SpaceVenture. Note that the purchase of SpaceVenture here is only for the digital downloaded versions. At this time, physical copies of SpaceVenture is only available to those that backed SpaceVenture at the proper backer levels. Reserve your copies now as there is no guarantee that the price will remain this low forever!
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These new shirts really speak for themselves! All artwork is beautifully designed by Mark Crowe himself. You'll also notice the cool "Ace" name tag printed on the front. This is another great gift idea for that special someone in your life. Note, that on occasions these may be on back order with our shirt dealer, but we can almost always have them to you within ten business days.
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