Server Updates

After a few days of the server being offline, we’ve taken some time to finetune the server settings to avoid the level of griefing we’ve experienced. The results should be much more secure now. Default users no longer have building permissions outside of the new unmoderated Free Survival World. Players can request to have their accounts upgraded to a trusted User or Builder.

Also new on the website are the available server commands and what they do. For more information on these updates visit the new Server Commands and updated Server Info sections.

SQ Minecraft Server and Website Live!


The Space Quest Minecraft server is up and available for all to join! The server’s ip address is:

Currently, there are 3 worlds available. Two recreated worlds from Space Quest 1 and a regular Survival world for standard Minecraft community play. The other two are the Arcada (still under construction, the first half is complete) and Ulence Flats. Ulence Flats looks best with a special texture pack designed to resemble SQ1 which you can download right here:

SQ1 Ulence Flats Texture Pack

In the future we’ll have more worlds from the Space Quest series to visit and explore and we’re going to be asking for some help in that area. If you would like to be a builder and help recreate the Space Quest universe in Minecraft post on the forums at SpaceQuest.Net!

So come join and be a part of a growing community! Eventually, there’s a possibility that we might be able to get the actual Two Guys to hop on and interact with fans! There are all kinds of possibilities (like community contests).

We also have some downloads for you along with the aforementioned Ulence Flats texture pack. In the Downloads section you’ll find various Minecraft skins of different versions of Roger Wilco. Send in your suggestions for more SQ skin ideas!