How I Learned to Be a Hero

By Alan Luckachina


I had written previously on what the SpaceVenture Kickstarter meant to me personally, and why I believe it’s an important project not just to me, but to the industry (and the world!) as a whole.


Well, I’m back to do it again! As you may have heard, Corey and Lori Cole, creators of the Quest for Glory series, have launched an all new, just as equally awesome RPG Kickstarter called “Hero U: Rogue to Redemption”. To me, this project is just as important as SpaceVenture.


As mentioned in said previous article, I was socially awkward growing up, which meant video games were my best friends and I had no idea how to say “Hi” to anything even remotely female, and aside from console-based plumbers who jump on turtles, most of my friends resided in the realm of Sierra-Land. The Quest for Glory series in particular will always have a special place in my heart. These games provided an outlet for me to let my imagination run free as I stepped into the boots of “The Hero” and fought monsters, stole from old ladies, and made out with scantily-clad tribal women. They also taught me the meaning and value of true friendships, what it means to live by a code of honor, and most importantly, that there is in life no clear cut “black and white” good and bad, and there are even times when what appears to be good is in fact bad and vice versa. These lessons carried into my day to day routine in the monotonous grind that is adulthood, and THAT, at the end of the day, is the true measure of a hero.


Their games also not only gave me an invaluable lesson on the lifestyles of other cultures, but led me to learn more about my own cultural background, as I discovered that my heritage has roots that trace to the same region that doubles for Mordavia, and that Rusulki and the Leshy are part of the myth and lore!


It’s a shame that so many kids today are growing up in a world where games preach “It’s different from us, it’s an alien, shoot it! Kill!” Whereas QFG established that we all can live harmoniously…as long as you don’t try to move into a Liontaur-only neighborhood! The Hero U project promises to carry on that tradition – the main character himself is a rogue who is tasked to becoming a hero against his will initially. The industry needs this project, as games involving rich character interaction and lush exploration are so rare these days!


Besides, Corey and Lori, like Mark and Scott, Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, and Jane Jensen, are Sierra On-Line alumni! Who hasn’t wanted to see a Sierra revival ever since that dark February in 1999?? Well, it’s HAPPENING, we’re in the middle of it, and if you haven’t already donated to the Kickstarter yet, there’s no better time to be a hero than now!! Hop over to Kickstarter and help bring not only this project to life, but the spirit of Sierra as well!

  • Corey Cole

    Thanks for the great article, Alan! We hope that many of you will stop by to check out the Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption project at If you like the idea of our new project – and maybe of sharing the idea of Heroism with a few more players – please pass on the link to your friends.

  • eriqchang

    This is so inspiring Alan. There’s so much more Sierra magic coming – looks like we’ll all get to play a part in the revival… One
    of the best things about growing up Sierra-style. ;)

  • Alan Luckachina

    I’m flattered by the comments Eriq and Corey! :)

    All those years playing the games, sharing them with others, meeting others who share an affinity and reminiscing about them…eventually growing nostalgic, the realization of how much I wished them to come back…

    Helping insure the success of these kickstarters, is what it all built up to! And I’m a part of it, at present THIS is my purpose; being a hero for those that were heroes for me!

  • Jaimie M. Engle

    Good words, my friend. I don’t know these games, but I do like your spin on how the games used to be and what’s wrong with the messages they are sending nowadays. Thanks for sharing!